Mine has forever been:  I LOVE LUCY!

I even tweet about her – have been for years!  Here:  @datingwebseries

The wacky situations she gets in with Ethel, even today, are hysterical.

Her rubber face, and classic expressions, and let’s not forget her amazing comedic timing are all things that inspire me and aspire to when writing Dating In The Middle Ages.

If I can just get a smidgen of what she does inside me and express it to the public in my writing and/or performances, I’d be ecstatic.

So tell me, what is your favorite comedy TV show, past or present, and why??

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  1. Shannon on September 15, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    I haven’t seen “I Love Lucy” in a long time; guess I’ll have to remedy that!

    I’m a huge fan of animated sitcoms. “Family Guy” can be rather crass at times, but I like the non-sequiturs (sp?). That’s how my brain works-hopping around from one thing to another for no real reason.

    “Archer” and “Bob’s Burgers” are hilarious too. They’re on FX and Fox, respectively.

    I love ‘vintage’ BBC shows as well. If you’ve never seen “Red Dwarf”, I highly recommend it!

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