I begin each day with a “Grateful List.”

Ten things I’m grateful for.  Some days I can only muster up the basics; I’m grateful for food, shelter, being able to pay my bills etc. 

Other days I can whittle off; the sound of humming birds on my patio, watching my boyfriend’s shoulders relax as he vents his frustrations, and having a “real” conversation with an Industry Professional.

These are lovely little miracles I get to experience when I can live in the moment.

I’m an actor. I’ve always been an actor – fantasy is most enjoyable.  It sometimes doesn’t work so well in real life, but in film and TV it can be quite fun.

I wrote and produced “Dating In The Middle Ages,” a comedy with medieval fantasy elements, after having to get back out on the dating scene when my seventeen-year marriage ended.  The uncomfortable, albeit funny dates I experienced became humorous fodder for the show. DITMA was the silver lining to my marriage ending. It was also a chance to work with friends, and heal through acting, dancing, and singing. What a gift!

My production company, Rogue Cowgirl Productions, Inc. produces comedies and dramedies, and our latest project “A Couple’s Playbook.” is a witty “he said, she said” on what works (and doesn’t) in romantic relationships.

Besides acting, writing and producing I also love to be of service.  I’m a Reiki Healer, and I also mentor women going through relationship break-ups, helping them get their lives back on track.

All these things are the sunshine to my being.

I’m glad you’re here. Have fun, look around, and if you want to sign up for the newsletter so I can keep in touch with what’s coming next.

Wishing you miracles!